Enoch Choi Design & Construction Services produces custom furniture, cabinets, built-ins, concrete counters, sculpture and works of art. Additionally, Enoch Choi provides design services to create personal, timeless and inspiring spaces that highlight the beauty of the custom woodwork and art pieces they design and create. 

I was named Benjamin Enoch Anderson by my foster parents, I was born in Seoul, South Korea as Michael Choi, hence the name Enoch Choi (I also think it sounds cool.)  I do a little bit of everything, and I do it well.  On this site I am sharing some of my endeavors, accomplishments, thoughts, ideas and creations. Go ahead and browse, I hope you enjoy yourself.

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"All art has function, if nothing else but to be awe inspiring."

I’ve recognized that people have different concepts of acceptable but when I put my name on it I have a standard in the work that I produce to be of the highest quality craftsmanship possible in joinery, marquetry, inlaying, assembly, and finishing. 

The design must incorporate function, finish, surroundings, lighting, imagination and most importantly the client’s vision; all with an eye toward environmental responsibility.

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"Where awe inspiring is standard and stunning is built-in""
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