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Custom Artisan Sofa Table
  Russian Olive with Asian inspired poplar inlay, feet and custom stain

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The client is a collector of Americana memorabilia.  He aquired  a Indian knife that was found on the Little Big Horn battlefield.  He commissioned me to provide him a nice stand to display the knife.The client wanted me to use my imagination and give him something really unique but also befitting the history of the knife.  I had an old tree root lying around that had a natrual knife tip receptor built in that I had to cut down.  I found a small branch w/ the proper curve and branching at the appropriate length. I sanded, finished and glued them all in place on a piece of sandstone that I polished.  I then wrapped the twig in leather and added the beads and feathers.A view of the stand with the knife inserted - from the right side.A view of the display stand with the knife inserted - from the left side.A view of the stand and knife from the front.A close-up of the root that holds the tip of the knife.  It is all natural.Knife was recovered from the Little Big Horn battlefield.  Client  is an advid battlefield memorabilia collector.  The stand and knife in its permanant place along side other Little Big Horn battlefield memorabilia.
Custom Knife Display Stand
Commissioned by private client
Included Materials:  Natural sandstone, portion of a tree root, portion of branch, feathers, beads and leather lacing
Finish:  Satin Lacquer
Not For Sale
This is also a custom (original design) knife stand that I fabricated for the same client as the previous knife display stand.  This one is fabricated from a block of spalted maple that is 8" x 8" x 2" thick and I glued up  4 pcs. of 3/4 " padauk w/ a strip of white poplar for accent. After ajoining the padauk block to the spalted maple I then shaped the knife support neck and handle rest. I then cut the padauk inlay that runs along the top and down the front. I carved the grizzly paw print on the upper left corner and the snarling grizzly face in the lower right corner.A detail of the grizzly face carving.A closer look at the grizzly bear face carving.Another close up of carving showing more of the spalting in the maple and detail of the carving.The knife that this stand was designed and built for was a knife that a frontiersman had used to kill a grizzly bear, but during the fight the handle had gotten broken and then the frontiersman used the grizzly's jaw to replace the handle.Another shot of the stand with the knife.A close up of the knife point w/ the carvings on the base.A side view of the stand with knife.
Custom Knive Display Stand No. II
Commissioned by private client
Included Materials:Spalted Maple, Padauk, Poplar
Finish:Gloss Lacquer

Not For Sale
Client had some gold artifacts that were salvaged from a sunken Spanish galleon that he wanted to have a special case built specifically to house and display the items. I presented him with a design that would reflect a pirates chest that had been salvaged from the deep. He loved the concept and commissioned me to do the project.The interior of the box relects the true nature of the wood that was used for the project. I then burned and distressed one side of the wood with sulfric acid and hydocloric acid.  I also used them along with muradic acid to give standard shiny brass metal parts the patina that I wanted to achieve.The box's wooden components assembled prior to the the attachment of the metal components to make sure everything fit.The box in the process of being completed.IIn the process of completeing the final steps.The final step to securing the lid to the base.Making final adjustments prior to clamping up.Waiting for the glue to dry to see the finished product.front view of the finished box. The overall dimensions are 16"x12"x9-1/2" OA hiegth (the base is 6" deep). I found the hasp and lock and the rivits on the internet and patinaed them  match the other metals.The interior of the box.  I  put the burnt and distressed side of the wood up and the smooth side down so as to not cause scratches on other furnishings. I then installed a shelf support from purpleheart wood along the inside perimeter at 1-1/2" from the top.Interior of the lid showing the natural coloring and grain of the wood.3/4 front view of the box with the display shelf inserted.  All the interior metal components are natural bright brass.The display shelf fabricated out of purpleheart wood with routed recesses to receive the specific artifacts and then lined in black velvet and fitted with bright brass knobs to be able lift the shelf out to access the bottom.Another view of the front without the lock.3/4 back view with the lid propped open.3/4 front view with the lid propped openClose-up birds-eye view of the hasp showing the etched detail on haspStraight on close-up view of the hasp and lock with front strapping.Close-up view of a typical corner.  The brass strips, brass corners and the rivits were all patinaed as described before.  The rivits are actually decrotive not structural.  I drilled 5/16" dia. holes and epoxied the rivits into the holes.A view of the handles on the side of chest that had undergone the same process as all the other metals.View of the back of the chest.A close up view of the hinges with the strapping on the back.A  3/4 close-up view of the back and side.Detail view of one of the hinges showing the patina.Another view of the interior with the gold artifacts in their respective places.
Custom Designed & Fabricated Chest
for salvaged gold display
Commissioned by private client
Included Materials:White pine, Purpleheart, patinaed brass stripping, patinaed brass rivits, patinaed brass box corners, patinaed brass hinges, patinaed hasp & staple, antique lock w/ keys, brass lid stay, brass knobs, black velvet.
Finish:Gloss Lacquer
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