Kids Rooms
Before Mackenzie was born, her mother Amy and father Jacob asked if I would be willing to do some wall murals with a African safari theme in her room.  I told them that I would be honored to and these are the animals she spent her first 3 years with.
Jake and Amy had to move to a larger with the arrival of their second daughter, Quinn.  Amy asked me if I would paint clouds and butterflies, Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies, for the girl’s new rooms.  In Quinn's room she wanted big puffy clouds and a large butterflies with smaller ones sprinkled in.  Of course grandpa went overboard.  The Blue Mountain butterfly is fabricated from light blue microfiber, married to black microfiber and then overlaid with cut out black art paper.  The orange Monarch is made from orange art paper overlaid with cut out black art paper and hand painted markings.  The two Tiger Swallowtails, (yellow male, black female) are fabricated from microfiber cloths overlaid with black art paper and hand painted markings.  They are each about 12-14" long by 8-10" wide.
Quinn's big sister, Mackenzie had to leave her jungle animals behind when the family moved to a new house.  She decided that she wanted butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies in her new room.  I decided that I would make her a flower garden.  I started by painting clouds that can be a sunrise or sunset. The butterflies are made of art paper, wire and beads.  The dragonflies are made of wire, beads and printed velum for the wings.  The ladybugs are made of Styrofoam with plastic wings, beads and wire for the heads and antennae.  We included bumblebees made from beads and wire.  My wife Jenn and I made all the flowers from art paper and wire with microfiber centers. The mushrooms are made from Styrofoam covered by microfiber and colored sequins.  I also designed and fabricated the bed with drawers underneath so that Mackenzie can access her clothes.
It is my belief that childhood is the magical time of life and that adults should always try to make the magic happen for them whenever we can.

When I see the shine and the wonder in the eyes of a child as they learn or experience new things it moves me and makes me want to try harder to see it again, because seeing a child learn and their amazement is magic to me.

Children are our futures.  They are our dreams and aspirations fulfilled in the flesh - whether ours or someone else's, for they are all "ours"  and I want to make sure that the children I love today will be the adults that I will respect in the future.

The imagination of a child is the tree that bares the most fruit if nurtured properly.

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My five year old granddaughter Grace decided that she wanted a "big girl's" room instead of her Winnie the Pooh nursery theme.  We sat down and discussed design elements, colors and concepts and we came up with this butterflies and bubbles theme.  My wife, Jennifer painted the walls and furniture and I fabricated the bubble wall with four foot fluorescent lights mounted behind the panels.  I made all the butterflies by tearing Color-aid artist paper and  hand-painted the fairy princess.
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