Personal Artwork
"Ballerina #3"

"The Bean's big yawn"

"Kenny, son of Gail"

"Working 9-5"

"Don't go in there!!"

"Gracefully Sleeping"

"You really can't be that stupid"

"Grandma and the Bean"

"Mountain Beach"

"Mountain Lake"

"Nude Torso"

"Old Timer"

"Irish Cliffs"

"Sleepy Head"

"Nuclear Scream"

"Red Headed Woman"

"Hidden History"

"Knotty Pine"


"Warrior's Mask"

"What Dreams are Made of"


"Mountain Lake"

"The Cast System"

From my earliest memories I have had an interest in drawing and as I got older, sculpture.  I was always scribbling, doodling or building something from anything I could get my hands on.  Finally in 1989 I enrolled in the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and have the distinction of being the first sculpting major to graduate with a degree from RMCAD. 

Following are examples of my works.  As you can see I like working in a variety of mediums. It is my personal opinion that to be a true artist one must be proficient in a variety of mediums and techniques otherwise they are merely a painter, a sculptor, a watercolorist, not a true artist.

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