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I like coffee.
I like dark, unmilked,
Unsugared, unstirred, unmixed,
Unblended, unflavored, unsprinkled, un-iced,
Good Colombian coffee.

I like beer.
I like a good, regular Bud.
The night was black and the big crowd, quiet
The choir’s voices rose in time with our goose bumps.
We were carried along on an emotional rushing riot
As our eyes welled and our throats filled with lumps.

The windows escorted the sun’s warmth (the warmth of a grandmother‘s hug) into the confines of the pickup truck . I had the window down a crack because I was recycling the air- air that I was also polluting with the abject abandon of a major oil producer, with cigarette smoke.

I am angry with the people who use this tragedy to further their causes (i.e.; anti-gun lobby, more law liberals, psychologists, etc.).  These in reality are only Band-Aids on a mortal wound.  I am angry at the people whom refuse to accept any culpability for their industries part in this tragedy and their refusal to send anyone of
In the garden I see the bloom
And I think of you.
In the evening I see the moon
And I think of you.

The sun is shinning bright
And I think of you
I walk the city lights
And I think of you

I hear a lady laugh
And I think of you
In this house I feel a draft
And I think of you

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