"Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches. "
Jim Carrey

I hope that our grandkids don't think that about us.  My wife and I have been blessed with seven lovely grandchildren and they are the joy of our lives.

Family is very important to us and I will use this page to introduce you to some of them.
So you've decided that you want something special  and you want to contact us about it. 

Please call Ben at  303-514-0424

or email Ben: benjamin@enochchoidesign.com

Enoch Choi Design & Construction Services produces custom furniture, cabinets, built-ins, concrete counters, sculpture and works of art. Additionally, Enoch Choi provides design services to create personal, timeless and inspiring spaces that highlight the beauty of the custom woodwork and art pieces they design and create.

To most people or companies custom means a few more selections of styles, sizes, colors, fabrics or finishes than in their standard line.  Even in custom woodworking shops their product lines have the limitations of tradition, imagination and production.  We at Enoch Choi Design and Construction Services (Enoch Choi) have no such limitations. 

“I have decided that for my own sanity, and for the quality of the product; I am going to run a one person design and a two person fabrication operation where all pieces are hand built.  We have no lasers, no computer operated routers or saws.  All carvings and inlays are done by hand with hand-held routers, scroll saws, rasps, scrapers and chisels.  All moldings and trim are hand milled to keep wood grains and textures consistent with the intent of the design.  All woods are hand selected per specific projects to achieve the highest quality results in the design.  All pieces are hand finished at my facility to the client’s specifications.”

When we say custom we mean CUSTOM! Because there are no production lines and we are not bound by traditional designs we are only limited by our client’s desires and imagination.  The owner of the company, Ben Anderson designs each piece, using years of knowledge, history and practice.  Ben personally crafts each detail of all pieces Enoch Choi creates. Ben oversees every step in the process of creating beautiful custom cabinetry and furniture.  His motto is simple: “Strive for perfection, never say ‘No we can’t do that’, and always exceed the customer’s expectations.”  After fabrication each piece is finished with custom stains that Ben creates using his knowledge of color and pigments gained at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

“I’ve recognized that people have different concepts of acceptable, says Ben, “but when I put my name on it I have a standard in the work that I produce to be of the highest quality craftsmanship possible in joinery, marquetry, inlaying, assembly, and finishing.  My designs must incorporate function, finish, surroundings, lighting, imagination and most importantly the client’s vision; all with an eye toward environmental responsibility.”

When stunning is what you want, Enoch Choi is the company you NEED to call.


“My Dad was a stickler for doing things the right way and when I didn't do things up to his standards I got my butt kicked.

I started working as a carpenter in the construction industry in Wyoming and Colorado in 1987; I had been a woodworking hobbyist since high school.   I graduated as the first sculpting major from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 1992 and promptly continued my career in construction.  I started my own business in 1997 called Benjamin's Woodworking with the vision of doing interior finish carpentry.

As fate would have it I landed a few lucrative contracts to do tenant finish on large apartment complex projects in downtown Denver.  I hired a crew of 15 carpenters including my three sons (all whom came with quality references) and always stressed to them the quality of work that I found acceptable.

I spent the next three years chasing behind everyone of my carpenters; including my three sons, making them redo the work properly, arguing with contractors and subcontractors,  chasing down materials,  putting out  fires,  doing paperwork, and trying to forget the day that I had just had. 

In three years I rarely wore my tool belt and I realized all the administration that comes with the big contracts, large crews and big income didn’t give me the time to pursue my art and love of custom woodworking.  I realized that I had sold out for the almighty dollar which was not what I wanted to be about.  I knew it was time for a change when I realized that I wished it was acceptable for an employer to kick some butt like my Dad did.  But of course it’s just not acceptable to beat your employees any more. Dang! 

Instead I cut my business and crew to the bone and focused on producing fine quality custom cabinetry and built-ins.   I was even able to take some time off in 2006 to remodel my wife’s terribly outdated kitchen,  which of course led to the living room, the dining room, the bathroom, the  master bedroom, the master closet, the. . .   After almost three years working on my own home, designing and producing many custom pieces for my children, grandchildren, friends, family and some customers, Enoch Choi was a reality. My house was finished, my wife wasn’t quoting that shoemaker’s children have no shoes thing and I could concentrate solely on my customer’s desire for more of my pieces."

Our youngest princess Quinn Kathryn
Princess Mackenzie on the hunt for her prince
Our wild man Liam Reece
Grace Audrey is TOO COOL !
Grandma and Grandpa with (from L to R) Grace, Ben, Shandi, Georgie, Mackenzie and Liam in Birch Bay, Washington
Benjamin the brainiac and my namesake
Shandi our 13 year old sweetheart
Georgie the big brother of Grace and Liam
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